Infrared technologies in the prestressed concrete industry

We have developed a new IR solution for technical cements.

CSI solutions use gas or electricity depending on the type of energy available.

For immobilizing production tools such as prestressing tensioners or specific molds, it is helpful to reduce concrete drying times in order to free up tools and increase production capacities without increasing the surface dedicated to production and/or waiting areas.
CSI solutions drastically reduce these times without altering the quality of the concrete. CSI has provided the industry with efficient and reliable temperature control and curing systems that allow for precise control, guaranteeing the safety of strategic technical cements such as load-bearing architectural structures or railroad ties.
CSI systems have a connected and secure history that is essential for these same technical cements.

The direct radiation systems developed by CSI drastically reduce the energy required to dry concrete compared to conventional solutions, while protecting radiators from falling laitance and providing the necessary resistance.
Comparative studies have shown a fourfold increase in reactivity and a reduction of energy consumption by 50% during the hardening phase. This also means that equipment can be used for multiple purposes without changing the power supply.


For large installations, the CSI supervision system can control a variety of power variation zones, smoothing power requirements, reducing contracts and power supplies. You can also save the casting data of more than 6 drying lines.

In terms of maintenance, the electrical connections are separated from the thermal section (temperature, condensation) and the CSI emitters, which are of reasonable length, also reduce maintenance and transport costs for replacement.
Our gas or electric emitters are standardized in order to reduce costs and guarantee manufacturer stock in case of emergencies.



Possibility of laboratory and on-site testing.



Our equipment is designed for easier maintenance:
– Emitters with increased lifetime due to materials choice and design of our ovens.
– Infrared panels in removable racks.
– Qualitative customer service.

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