Gas and electric infrared
for PVC preheating, pre-drying and gelling on technical textiles


Gas and electric infrared dryers :

CSI designs and manufactures gas or electric IR dryers upon request for pre-drying (elimination of 30 to 50% of the water contained in fabrics), pre-heating fabrics or gelling deposits (PVC, prints) on technical fabrics.
This equipment is installed on conveyor lines with variable speeds.
The equipment uses a controlled power density. Vertical or horizontal in design, it can be integrated into a new line or an existing line that does not allow hot air alternatives. They are compact, adaptable and improve productivity.
They limit dye migration in pigmented fabrics.
Infrared technologies also optimize power use by selecting radiation widths according to the selected web widths. This saves a significant amount of energy.
Finally, CSI dryers are designed for quick and efficient maintenance.




Possibility of laboratory and on-site testing.



Our equipment is designed for easier maintenance:
– Emitters with increased lifetime due to materials choice and design of our ovens.
– Infrared panels in removable racks.
– Qualitative customer service.

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