We can provide services for all steps in your project:

Thermal and economic assessment of existing or future equipment
Clear recommendations on the best choice of technology

Tests at our premises.

We develop new applications at our research and industrial testing center, which is equipped with:
• Equipment for a variety of applications
• A vertical and horizontal overhead conveyor belt
• Electric and gas infrared technology
• Several high power density UV lamps
• A conveyor belt equipped with an electron beam gun (in development)
• All necessary measuring equipment


Site visits and feasibility studies.

We have mobile IR equipment, measuring devices and personnel trained to work on-site and during production.

Conversion of existing equipment.

We have the highly specialized technical knowledge needed to service existing equipment and carry out various types of maintenance:

  • Upgrading to standards
  • IR, UV or EBeam: replacing existing equipment with more powerful, efficient and innovative panels
  • Removal of equipment with potential safety hazard (fires, explosions in painting equipment)
  • Adaptation of equipment for new products development.

Spare parts.

We can supply most spare parts on the market for IR, UV and EB technologies. We can also adapt parts to specific uses or discontinued productions.
If we are unable to service your part, we will guide you towards the appropriate manufacturer.

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