Packaging can take many different shapes.

In rigid packaging, these include glass packaging (cosmetic, medical, food bottles) or metal packaging such as cans, on which varnish treated with Infrared, Ultraviolet, Electron Beam or a mix of infrared and one of our two other radiant technologies is applied. For more details, we recommend visiting our “paint applications” page.


There are also flexible packaging films on which same treatments can be carried out at high speeds.
EBeam is particularly effective when used on roll to roll film web , curing flexo, offset or digital inks and overprint varnishes but can also provide  decontamination of the surface before final use.
For food products, as films are still free of products and as radiation (and all induced radiation-related reactions) stops as soon as they leave the EBeam unit, EBeam decontamination is ideal for speed, killing rate efficiency while avoiding film heating.

CSI and its sister company RADSYS ( can answer all questions about this fast growing technology.



Possibility of laboratory and on-site testing.



Our equipment is designed for easier maintenance:
– Emitters with increased lifetime due to materials choice and design of our ovens.
– Infrared panels in removable racks.
– Qualitative customer service.

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