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Chaudelec Systèmes Industriels is specialized in the design, manufacture, assembly and fine-turning of electric or gas IR (Infrared), UV (Ultraviolet) and EBeam (electron beam) radiative equipment.



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Chaudelec Systèmes Industriels.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the field of radiative power and thermal processes in industrial environments. CSI can design your custom equipment in order to guarantee best value and quality.

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Chaudelec Systèmes Industriels.

CSI represents the French know-how in infrared, ultraviolet, and electron beam equipment. Each technology brings a potential solution and equipment adapted to each product in many trades.

Our expertise in infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, or e-beam radiation is our best asset in the conception that goes from the infrared transmitter or the ultraviolet to the industrial tunnel

The food industry is an attractive sector of infrared technology.

The food industry uses much industrial thermal equipment, and the infrared electric oven, tunnel, or gas brings more important gains in product quality, the temperature in drying and cooking processes, and appearance improvement. At the same time, e-beam equipment is slowly recognized for its effectiveness in decontaminating food products and films.

About infrared equipment, using infrared ovens or tunnels for browning and gratinating ensures the control of the products’ temperature rise and increases productivity, whether in the case of the pasteurization of products through (or without) film or during the gratinating by Maillard reaction.
Infrared ovens and tunnels also reduce energy costs (electricity or gas) because they only increase the surface temperature and avoid unnecessary product heating.


Automotive is a historical industry for the infrared, an evolving sector for ultraviolet.

Infrared is the technology that we use when it comes to painting touch-ups.
If CSI offers a range of infrared equipment for the smallest to the largest retouching, reducing infrared to paint retouching would be very reductive.
We regularly install doping ovens for paint or mastics that can be integrated into conventional industrial tunnels to reach the right temperature quickly, at a specific point, or in a two-tone oven.
The infrared tunnel also allows us to reach difficult points by direct radiation while protecting some fragile parts from excessive temperature.
Chaudelec Industrial Systems is prepared for the new UV applications in the automotive industry, having already used them in other para-automotive sectors. To date, the significant difficulty is in explaining the process to be implemented in the context of using Ultraviolet products.

Baking of paint on pieces or in rolls by infrared, ultraviolet, or e-beam.

It is about thermal, chemical, and technical-financial expertise. Therefore, Chaudelec Systèmes Industriels has been working since its creation with recognized partners in the coil-coating sector, such as RADSYS, MSE, and the leading paint manufacturers.

Some parts in the painting are essential and can determine the electrical or gas energy to be used, like the type of infrared or UV emitter, the kind of radiation, the temperatures that must reach the product, and temperature limits on the parts. It is more interesting to talk with specialists who can offer a wide range of industrial solutions.


the infrared, ultraviolet and ebeam radiation are always discovering new applications.

This involves thermal, chemical and technical-financial expertise. This is why Chaudelec Industrial Systems has worked since its creation with recognized partners, for example in the coil-coating sector, such as RADSYS, MSE and the main paint manufacturers.

In painting, the type of infrared or UV emitter, the type of radiation, the temperatures to be reached on the product, the temperature limits on the parts, are essential and can be decisive as to the electrical energy or gas to be used. It is all the more interesting to speak with specialists who can offer a wide range of industrial solutions.

Industrial Services and solutions for Professional.

Our dedicated research and industrial test center can simulate most gas and electrical applications.
A visit of our team to your production site is also a possibility. Indeed, we have mobile measuring devices and infrared UV and E-Beam equipment. Our technical knowledge allows us to conduct audits of existing installations for various purposes: compliance, spiking, and quality improvement.

All of our installations, ovens, tunnels, panels, are designed to last. The choice of materials as well as the design processes go in this direction. Facilitation in terms of equipment maintenance has also been thought out and Chaudelec is committed to impeccable customer service.

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