Plastics and thermoforming.

Plastics and thermoforming


Infrared heating systems for plastic parts :

Infrared can be used to heat plastic parts (SMC, GMT, etc.) before molding, forming or hot draping, in order to facilitate mechanical operations or after molding to extract VOCs or restore shape memory. CSI develops infrared systems adapted to continuous or stop and go conveyor systems or drawer systems, which allow for controlled and optimized temperature increase and maintenance.
Short or medium electric IR technologies are used depending on reactivity, homogeneity and localization needs.
Production data and confirmation tests are used to develop the equipment. We keep all information confidential.


Infrared heating systems for molds :

Infrared can also be used to heat steel molds. This operation can be carried out between two molds or during the molding process in order to maintain the mold at operating temperature.
For this application, CSI recommends gas infrared, particularly metal fiber technology, which can be used for two-sided or cylindrical burners with high power density and fast power variation. Some systems are equipped with an optical pyrometer, which precisely regulates the process and makes it repeatable.

Infrared vulcanizing systems :

Treating rubber bands, reinforced or not, is a classic application of infrared technology. CSI has developed several types of systems for successful vulcanization. In some infrared systems, the infrared tool can be adapted to different shapes of bands . This type of installation allows various production and long-lasting system that can adapt to production as it changes over time.
Other simple systems are designed for specific type of product and provide high-energy yields.
Whatever the technical choice, measuring the temperature at the beginning or at the end of the process allows for precise control and guaranteed quality.


3D transmitter :

Some complex pieces do not allow the placement of infrared modules to maintain the effectiveness of infrared radiation. The solution lies in the 3D emitters. These emitters are designed specifically for the project. They follow the geometry of the parts to be heated and are attached directly to the formers.
A gold or ceramic reflector integrated into the emitter concentrates the radiation on the valuable surface.



Possibility of laboratory and on-site testing.



Our equipment is designed for easier maintenance:
– Emitters with increased lifetime due to materials choice and design of our ovens.
– Infrared panels in removable racks.
– Qualitative customer service.

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