Infrared industrial oven and tunnel.

Chaudelec Systèmes Industriels is the Made in France infrared reference.

Listening to our customers, we propose the industrial infrared oven that suits them. All short, medium, long, electric, or gas IR technologies are part of our panel and allow us to realize infrared tunnels for drying, baking, and polymerization for any application.

Chaudelec systems industriel adapts the infrared oven to its use, exclusively stainless-steel surfaces for food infrared ovens and aluminum for mobile infrared systems.


Our infrared tunnels respect the norms ATEX by their specific design for solvent-based paint.

Our infrared oven, with a high-density answer to a particular demand from clients of worldwide dimensions, demands the best guarantee of short paint curing times and reliability, reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

Concerned to defend our unique place in the world of the automotive and food industry but also innovation, Chaudelec system industriel achieves infrared oven for the laboratory R&D, in the glues industry, batteries, and solar panels.


Our team also carries out a trial run on our customer’s sites to define or confirm tests or technical offers of infrared tunnels, thanks to our portable test equipment.
This equipment is regularly enriched with new infrared and ultra-violet installations to meet the industry’s demands better. Thus, we can simulate short, medium, or long-wave infrared ovens and electric or gas energy.

Think infrared, it is thinking CHAUDELEC SYSTEME INDUSTRIEL



Possibility of laboratory and on-site testing.



Our equipment is designed for easier maintenance:
– Emitters with increased lifetime due to materials choice and design of our ovens.
– Infrared panels in removable racks.
– Qualitative customer service.

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